Free AI-Screening

With our free consulting offer, we want to make your transition into the era of AI easier by:

Demonstrate the various possibilities of AI for the optimisation of your business workflows

Identify unexploited potential for digitalisation in your company and analyse its cost-benefit profile

Taking your individual questions and concerns seriously and providing well-founded, understandable answers.

What Happens During the Free Consultation

Initial Consultation (up to 2 hours)

  • Getting to know each other: What does your company do; where do you see challenges?
  • Do you already have ideas where AI could help?
  • Determining the type of consultation (Online or on-site at your company)
  • Consultation Meeting (up to 4 hours)

  • Guided conversation for the systematic identification of AI use cases
  • Employees from core areas of your company are welcome to participate
  • Our AI experts will present suitable technologies in understandable language and explain the potential and limits of AI using examples
  • Our experts will interview your employees to understand processes and uncover optimization potentials
  • Final round of questions
  • Evaluation

  • We create an overview of AI use cases and evaluate them in terms of cost, benefit, and risk for your company
  • You can decide which use cases you want to implement or explore further with additional consultation.
  • We are convinced that Saxon SMEs can significantly benefit from the use of AI technologies. It's time to leverage synergies and set the course for a future in which your company remains competitive and even prospers in times of skilled labor shortages.

    Take the initiative now and utilize the possibilities AI offers to future-proof your business. Let's embark on this journey to a more successful future together. Your decision today lays the foundation for tomorrow's success - and we are ready to support you at every step of the way.

    Ready to take the first step?

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    In-Depth AI Consulting

    The following modules address the relevant tasks involved in the developing and implementing digital and AI projects at SMEs. In particular, all activities along the data life cycle are covered, i.e. from data collection, data processing and storage, data analysis up to data visualisation and deletion.

    Definition of the AI Strategy Objectives

    Definition of clear and achievable goals for the use of AI.

    Collection of Data

    Consulting on workflows for collecting data from various sources.

    Data Preparation

    Assistance with the designing and implementing of methods to improve the quality of data, identifying outliers, gaps, incorrect data, etc.

    Data Management

    Consultancy and planning for technologies that enable efficient storage and access to data (e.g. sql/nosql databases).

    Data Processing

    Assistance in the developing and training of AI models, such as machine learning, deep learning or statistical data analysis and application of data analysis methods to provide insights and support decision-making.

    Data Visualisation

    Support for the proper presentation of data and results from the data analysis for the specific target group.


    Analysing and understanding the needs of the potential target group in order to develop user-centred designs (user personas, wireframes and prototypes, usability tests, etc.). The overall approach is to increase user satisfaction and conversion rates through iterative design improvements.

    Validation and Testing

    Conducting tests and validating AI models to ensure their accuracy and reliability and providing advice on best practices for testing and evaluating AI systems.

    Training and Increased Capacity

    Answer general questions about the use of AI, provide trainings and workshops to enhance the understanding and skills in dealing with AI.

    All Services at a Glance

    We advise on industry-specific applications of AI, analyze your processes, jointly identify promising areas of application and develop promising areas of application and develop not only technologically first-class, but also economically attractive solutions. attractive solutions. Our portfolio includes the adaptation of established open source models for confidential data, the integration of proven technologies such as digital twins or chatbots as well as the development of customized AI solutions that are tailored to your specific challenges.

    Strategic AI Consulting

    • Development of a data and AI strategy
    • Identification of AI use cases in the company
    • Economic optimisation through targeted AI use
    • Establishment of governance structures for quality assurance and minimization of risks

    Process Modeling and Decision Support

    • Design and development of digital representations (digital twin) of your assets based on mathematical models and AI
    • Development of optimization routines for the best possible prototyping/development or use of your assets (e.g. raw material management, machine designs, production optimization)
    • Real-time monitoring and control of your assets

    Highly Specialized AI Solution

    • Customized development and training of neural networks that optimally solve your individual use cases using all available data
    • Inclusion of special requirements, e.g. energy efficiency, real-time capability, resilience

    Individualization of Open Source Models

    • Selection of suitable open source models, e.g. for forecasting, text & image processing/computer vision, recommendation systems, predictive maintenance & prescriptive analytics
    • Adaptation of open source AI models to your business requirements
    • Secure handling of sensitive data through data protection-compliant solutions

    Data Acquisition and Integration

    • Seamless integration of AI applications into your infrastructure
    • Compatibility and performance testing for the integration of third-party solutions
    • Customization of models for optimal use of your compute resources (e.g. high-performance computers, edge devices)

    Data Preparation and Analysis

    • Support in the implementation of a standardized and future-proof approach for cleansing and structuring the data required for AI models
    • Gaining insights through detailed data analysis, visualization and reporting

    AI-Training Courses and Workshops

    • Specialist training for your team to teach them how to use AI technologies
    • Workshops for brainstorming and implementation planning for AI projects

    Long-Term AI Care and Support

    • Continuous monitoring and optimization of the AI systems after implementation
    • Responsive support for any questions and challenges that arise


    How we are Working

    We follow a systematic approach for all AI projects. So when you choose us, here's what you can expect:

    Discovery Stage:

    We start by understanding the problem you’re aiming to solve and closely collaborate to gather insights. We then define the general direction and approach to the solution, and make some high-level estimations to give you a clear idea of the project scope and the outcomes you can expect.

    Initial Setup:

    Once we know your needs, we get to know your team better to make sure we have all the data needed for a successful project and understand how it’s gathered. With the available dataset, we determine if AI is the best option for solving the problem.

    Building MVP:

    We start small and use the available dataset to test the viability of our idea. With this incremental approach, we’re able to determine if our proposed idea is effective and worth the investment.

    Scaling and Integrating:

    Once we have a tried and tested prototype, we work on integrating the AI solution into your existing system and ensure it works seamlessly with your data, fine-tuning the models and making any necessary adjustments if needed.

    Our Competences

    Identification of AI Use Cases

    We assist you in the process of recognizing, assessing, prioritizing, and defining potential areas of application for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

    Data Structure Design

    We provide assistance in designing, evaluating, and successfully constructing suitable data architectures that empower you to efficiently handle your data.

    Selection of Tools and Technologies

    We assist in the process of choosing and adopting cutting-edge technologies and tools related to data science and artificial intelligence, enabling you to effectively apply them in your projects.

    Our Team

    Our artificial intelligence experts always work closely with colleagues across projects, our customers and their technical contacts. In an agile development process, we usually rely communication with a contact person who is permanently available to you.